Exercise After Hysterectomy

Although undergoing a hysterectomy will limit your activity for a while, it is still important that you exercise after hysterectomy, as this will condition your body to get back to its normal function. However, be sure to consult your doctor on when you can start exercising, and what exercises you can perform. Your doctor’s advice on your exercise after hysterectomy is especially important if you have a heart problem, excessive bleeding, another type of medical condition, or if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

You may have to wait for two weeks after the surgery before you start any exercise. You should also avoid exercises that would involve any weight training or heavy lifting. In addition, you should exercise after hysterectomy only if it is comfortable. You should discontinue the exercise if you experience any discomfort or pain.

Why You Should Exercise After Hysterectomy

There’s no question that exercise is good for the body. Even when your body has just gone through a major change, an exercise after hysterectomy can still do wonders for your body, especially in aiding in your recovery.

In particular, the following are the benefits of an exercise after hysterectomy:

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  • Exercise can strengthen your immune system.
  • It can reduce the pain caused by the hysterectomy.
  • It can help you lose excess weight.
  • Exercise can make you feel more upbeat. It keeps you from going into mood swings.
  • It helps keep your blood pressure in check, reducing the risk of heart attacks.
  • It can prolong life.
  • It can help you sleep better.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It can reduce muscle tension.
  • It can reduce stress.

Quick Tips for an Exercise After Hysterectomy

  • Start with 10-minute exercises.
  • After your body has adjusted, it’s best to maintain 30-minute exercise routines at least five times a week.
  • Make exercise after hysterectomy more fun by joining friends, teams, or sport clubs.

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